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Wire to Board Connectors

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Wire to Board Connectors

wire-to-board connector system that saves space, allows for simpler assembly and simpler cable management. The connector system offers a hybrid 1.00mm pitch signal and 3.00mm pitch power configuration with an active latching feature. The connector has nominal current carrying capacity of 10A/pin max. for power and 1.5A/pin max. for signal. Power wire sizes ranges from 26AWG to 18AWG and for signal wire sizes from 30AWG to 24AWG. Available from 5 to 9 positions for signal and 2 to 8 positions for power in vertical and right-angle configurations with surface mount termination.

Features of Wire to Board Connectors

  • Good electrical reliability
  • Facilitate mating
  • Assist in unmating
  • Easy mating and unmating
  • Protect pins
  • Anti-fishhooking contact
  • Protection during harness assembly


  • White goods
  • Control boxes
  • Consumer electronics
  • Smart devices
  • Lighting
  • Industrial control systems


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