Soldering Iron 50W

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50 watts/230 volts Soldering Iron : ARMSOL ASL-50WT model is ideal for hobbyists. This soldering iron can be used for any applications with a low-heat soldering requirement. This model comes with the ergonomic design and is Heavy Duty with 6 Month Warranty. ARMSOL  Soldering iron utilizes 50 watts of power and attains full operating temperature within seconds. With ARMSOL Soldering Iron you can perform simple Electronics & Electricals assembly work. ARMSOL Soldering Iron is best in the Market and used by electrical engineers, electronics repairers, students, and hobbyists.

Features : 50 watt soldering iron

  • General-purpose for all Electronics & Electricals applications.
  • Attains full operating temperature within seconds.
  • Maintains constant tip temperature even in the high air blow conditions.
  • Low Leakage Current and reduces the chances of Electric shock.
  • Safe for the use of dedicated and sensitive Components.
  • High Quality Built Material & Hook provided to Hang.
  • Maximum heat transfer efficiency.
  • Slide-on replaceable tips.
  • Cool Grip’ Backlite
  • Sculptured for a firm grip.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Durable elements designed for long life

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