Soldering Iron 35w

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Soldering Iron 35w

35 watts/230 volts Soldering Iron: ARMSOL ASL-35WT model is ideal for hobbyists. This soldering iron can be used for any application with a low-heat soldering requirement. This model comes with an ergonomic design and is Heavy Duty with 6 Month Warranty. ARMSOL  Soldering iron utilizes 35 watts of power and attains full operating temperature within seconds. With ARMSOL Soldering Iron you can perform simple Electronics & Electricals assembly work. ARMSOL Soldering Iron is best in the Market and used by electrical engineers, electronics repairers, students, and hobbyists.

Features : 35 watt soldering iron

  1. General-purpose for all Electronics & Electricals applications.
  2. Attains full operating temperature within seconds.
  3. Maintains constant tip temperature even in the high air blow conditions.
  4. Low Leakage Current and reduces the chances of Electric shock.
  5. Safe for the use of dedicated and sensitive Components.
  6. High Quality Built Material & Hook provided to Hang.
  7. Maximum heat transfer efficiency.
  8. Slide-on replaceable tips.
  9. Cool Grip’ Backlite
  10. Sculptured for a firm grip.
  11. Lightweight and easy to use.
  12. Durable elements designed for long life

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