NXTON IC XT3377FA – ESOP8 Ultra High Voltage Linear Driver IC

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NXTON IC XT3377FA Linear LED Driver IC is an ultra-high-voltage 3-string linear constant-power LED driver with a maximum input voltage of 700V, which is suitable for driving high-voltage low-current LED loads. The application solution has very few external components and a compact layout and can be easily and flexibly applied to various small-size or flat LED products.

This Linear LED Driver IC XT3377FA greatly improved the power factor and THD of the system (meeting the IEC61000-3-2 standard). At the same time, the simple linear drive method does not require magnetic components, which can effectively avoid the problem of EMI.
In order to prevent the IC from overheating, the XT3377FA integrates a temperature control function. When the temperature inside the chip exceeds TOTP, XT3377FA decreases LED current, which can help chip cooling.

  • Features – NXTON IC XT3377FA
  • Excellent line regulation
  • Input constant power
  • ± 5% output current accuracy
  • Multiple ICs can be used in parallel to meet large current output
  • High power factor and ultra-low THD
  • Very few external components
  • Over temperature protection function
  • ESOP8 package

Applications – NXTON IC XT3377FA
LED Bulb Light
LED Flood Light
Other LED Lights

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