NXTON IC XT2114A – SOP8 Isolated HPF 100W External MOSFET

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NXTON IC XT2114A is a high-power factor, high constant current precision, and high-efficiency primary side controller, which builds input AC line over voltage/under voltage protection and output current foldback under high ambient temperature. It supports both isolated fly-back and non-isolated Buck-Boost applications.

XT2114A introduces advanced primary constant current control technology. Then the secondary output current is controlled well by primary side information without an extra optocoupler, which simplifies the secondary side control circuit greatly. The unique four levels output current foldback value under high ambient temperature is selectable only by one external resistor.

XT2114A operates in Quasi resonant mode, which can reduce the switching loss of MOSFET. With optimized valley detection and line voltage compensation circuit, it ensures the output current accuracy under the universal input AC voltage range. Meanwhile, the leading-edge blanking of the circuit on CS and FB pins enhances the anti-noise ability of the system without additional filter components.

XT2114A has a complete protection function, auxiliary winding over-voltage protection, VDD secondary overvoltage on, output short circuit ion, cycle-by-cycle current limiting, and auto restart after protection occurs

Features – NXTON IC XT2114A

Primary side constant current Regulator
Input AC line Over voltage protection
Input AC line Under voltage protection
THD optimizes for a wide input AC range
Current foldback with high temperature
Quasi-resonant mode (QRM)
Very fewer external components
Programmable input line voltage compensation
Leading edge blanking for CS/FB pin
Provides Protection Functions
– Over-Temperature Protection with
– VDD Over Voltage Protection
– CS pin cycle by cycle current limit
– Output Short Circuit Protection
– Output Over Voltage Protection

Applications – NXTON IC XT2114A SOP8 Isolated HPF 100W External MOSFET
LED Lighting
Constant Voltage and Constant Current Regulation
Isolated PSR Controller

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