Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers In India

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Li-ion batteries make up for the most expensive component of an electric vehicle, accounting for 40 50% of its cost. With the increasing penetration of EVs in our transport system, the demand for Li-ion batteries for EV applications is set to skyrocket. Apart from Electric Vehicles, other applications such as renewable energy integration with the grid will boost the Li-Ion battery demand.

  • TDS Lithium-Ion Battery Gujarat 

TDSG, India’s first Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Plant, is being built in Gujarat by TOSHIBA Corporation, DENSO Corporation, and Suzuki Motor Corporation to produce and sell Lithium-ion batteries to Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki Motor Gujarat. Suzuki’s production operation is developed with the help of TOSHIBA’s cell technology and DENSO’s module technology.

Suzuki (50 per cent), TOSHIBA (40 per cent), and DENSO divided the ownership interest in the Lithium-ion battery joint venture (10 per cent). All three Japanese ventures have spent a total of 180 million dollars in the lithium-ion battery production factory. 

  • Exide Industries

Exide has long been regarded as one of India’s most dependable brands, with an unmatched reputation and recall. It is a clear frontrunner in the lead-acid storage battery sector for both automotive and industrial applications due to our continual focus on innovation, wide geographic reach, strong relationships with marquee clients, and steady technological updates with global business partners.

IL is now India’s leading storage battery manufacturer, offering the most comprehensive line of both traditional flooded and new VRLA batteries. In addition to supplying the home market, the firm also exports batteries that have found niches in the Southeast Asian and European markets.

  • Amperex Technology Ltd ( ATL)

ATL is the world’s top lithium-ion battery manufacturer and inventor. They’re recognised for their high-tech, high-volume proficiency in designing, manufacturing, and packaging high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells and packs all over the world.

It is a world-renowned lithium-ion battery manufacturer and innovator, as well as a high-tech company focused on providing high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells, packs, and system integration solutions, as well as advanced technologies, production capacities, and high-quality services.

  • Li Energy

Li Energy built a lithium-ion battery manufacturing gigafactory in India to establish a sustainable future in EV and renewable energy. It has a production capacity of 1.2 gigawatts per year (The largest li-ion battery facility in India).

The firm employs Prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Technology, which is ideal for the Indian market since it is safe, long-lasting, low-cost, and has consistent thermal management. It is a privately held firm based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, that was founded in 2019.

  • Manikaran Power Ltd 

Manikaran Power Limited (MPL) is a prominent energy solutions provider with a presence across the country. From bringing the first client to Power Exchange in 2008 to being recognised as having the highest number of registered clients in 2019, The company has grown into a market leader with in-depth knowledge of local open-access markets and regulations and is best positioned to offer utilities, generators, and eligible C&I consumers the most optimal power solution from a wide range of options including Exchanges, Bilateral, Group Captive, and both conventional and renewable power. Since the introduction of Gas Exchange in 2020, the business has signed the largest number of clients, transforming itself into a true energy solutions provider.

  • Amara Raja Batteries

The Amara Raja Group, based in Tirupati, is an Indian corporation. Automotive battery manufacturing, packaged foods and drinks, electronics product manufacturing, infrastructure sector, power system production, and sheet metal fabrication and fastener fabrication are all areas where the company has a presence.

The Amara Raja Group is well known for its Amaron automobile battery brand, which is India’s second most popular behind Exide Industries. The Amara Raja Group, founded by Dr Ramachandra N Galla, is one of India’s fastest-growing conglomerates, with a turnover surpassing USD 1 billion and a global client base of over a billion people.

  •  HBL Power

HBL Power Systems Limited is a global leader in advanced-technology batteries (Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium, and Special Defense), as well as DC systems for a variety of sectors. As per their LinkedIn handle, HBL is the SECOND LARGEST producer of Nickel-Cadmium batteries in the world, and the ONLY Indian firm using PLT VRLA battery technology. HBL products are known for being dependable, safe, cost-effective, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

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