LiDAR Sensor – YDLIDAR X4 2D – 360 Degree ROS Scanner for Navigation, Collision Avoidance

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YDLIDAR X2 is a 360° 2D LiDAR(hereinafter referred to as X2) developed by YDLIDAR team. Based on the principle of Triangulation, it is equipped with related optics, electricity, and algorithm design to achieve high-frequency and high-precision distance measurement. The mechanical structure rotates 360 ° to continuously output the angle information and the point cloud data of the scanning environment while ranging.

The YDLIDAR X4 360° Laser Scanner has a complete set of USB ports, as well as SDK open-source software. X4 uses a USB cable to connect to the computer. It is Plug and play, no need for extra coding work before use. YDLIDAR X4 low power infrared transmitter conforms to the Class 1 laser safety standard and reaches the human eye safety level. The scanning range of X4 is 10 meters. It perfectly meets the demands of various service roots, home robots,s, and makers.

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YDLIDAR X4 lidar is a 360-degree two-dimensional laser range scanner (LIDAR). This device uses the triangulation principle to measure distance, together with the appropriate optical, electrical, algorithm design, to achieve high-precision distance measurement.

Exclusive Features: LiDAR Sensor – YDLIDAR X4 2D

  • 360° omnidirectional scanning – X4 rotates 360 degree to scan and range the surrounding environment,then to obtain the outline of surrounding to achieve mapping. 
  • USB data transmission – X4 is equipped with a complete set of USB serial interface,SDK open source tools.Data could transfer through USB to computer, no extra coding needed. 
  • Compliant with FDA Class 1 Safety Standard – X4 is compliant with FDA Class 1 laser safety standard, which is safe to human eyes, thus guarantees the safety of children or pets. 
  • 10m Ranging Radius – X4 max ranging radius is up to 10m, It could fulfill the requirements of various home robot, robot maker and algorithm verification.
  • 360-degree scanning distance measurement
  • Small distance error; stable distance measurement and high accuracy
  • Measuring distance: 0.12-10 m , Wide measuring range
  • Resistance to ambient light interference
  • Industrial grade motor drive for stable performance
  • Laser-grade: Class I
  • Range finder frequency: 5000 times/s
  • High accuracy, stable performance
  • Strong resistance to ambient light interference
  • Low power consumption, small size, stable performance and long life
  • Motor speed is adjustable, the proposed speed is 6~12Hz
  • High-speed ranging, ranging frequency up to 5KHz

Application: LiDAR Sensor – YDLIDAR X4 2D

  • Mapping
  • SIAM Research
  • Makers Educations
  • Assisted Driving
  • Robot navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Robot ROS teaching and research
  • Regional security
  • Environmental scanning and 3D reconstruction
  • Navigation and obstacle avoidance of home service robots/sweeping robots

Specifications: YDLiDAR X4 2D

  • Range Frequency 5000Hz
  • Scan Frequency 6-12Hz
  • Range Distance 0.12-10m
  • Scan Angle 360°
  • Angle Resolution 0.43-0.86°
  • Size Φ65.6*58.39*101.7mm

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