Top States and Cities / Urban areas – EV sales from Jan’22 to May’22

EVreporter analysis. Source: Vahan Dashboard. Data as per 1481 out of 1616 RTOs across 34 out of 37 state/UTs. Low speed e2W not included. Telangana and Madhya Pradesh data not considered for this analysis.
  • From Jan to May 2022, a total of 3,17,830 EVs were sold in India.
  • High-speed electric 2Ws accounted for 61% of unit sales, e-3Ws accounted for 33%, and e-4Ws accounted for 4% of all EVs sold in India.
  • The top 10 states make 81% of EV sales.
  • Uttar Pradesh accounted for 17% of the sales with 52,930 units, followed by Maharashtra with 44,511 units (14%) and Karnataka with 34,900 units (11%).
  • Whopping 83% (44,042) of EVs sold in Uttar Pradesh are e-3Ws, followed by high-speed e- 2Ws with 8,586 units (16%).
  • Lucknow recorded the highest EV sales in Uttar Pradesh with 5,705 units, followed by Kanpur and Allahabad with 3,793 and 2,026 units, respectively, all dominated by e-3Ws.
  • 85% (37,962) of EVs sold in Maharashtra are e-2Ws, followed by e-4Ws with 4,375 (10%) units. Electric 3-Wheelers in Maharashtra contribute to only 4% (1,985) of EV sales.
  • The city / urban area with a significant share of EVs in Maharashtra is Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, with 13,394 units (30% share), followed by Mumbai with 5,043 units and Nagpur with 3,572 units.
  • Bangalore City dominates EV sales in Karnataka with the highest share of 57% (20,059 units), followed by Mysuru and Mandya with sales of 1,610 and 1,182 units, respectively and all dominated by e-2Ws.
  • Of all the electric vehicles sold in Bangalore, 90% (18,090 units) are 2Ws, followed by 3Ws and 4Ws with 969 and 931 units, respectively. In addition, 65 e-buses were sold in Bangalore during the period.

Category-wise EV sales in Indian states from Jan’22 to May’22

Source: Vahan Dashboard. Data as per 1481 out of 1616 RTOs across 34 out of 37 state/UTs
  • Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu contribute to 48% of all high-speed e-2Ws sold from Jan 2022 to May 2022, with individual sales of more than 25,000 units each.
  • Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Assam registered the maximum sales in the e-3W category with an approximate sales share of 41%, 13% and 13%, respectively.
  • Maharashtra has the highest sales of e-4W with 4,375 units (35%) for the period, followed by Delhi and Kerala with 2,110 (17%) and 1,379 (11%) units sold, respectively.
  • Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi have the highest e-Bus sales with 197, 186, and 186 units sold respectively from Jan to May 2022.

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