Hyundai introduces BEV Platform ‘E-GMP’ in India | IONIQ 5 to be launched • EVreporter

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Hyundai introduces BEV Platform 'E-GMP' in India | IONIQ 5 to be launched • EVreporter


Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) announced the introduction of its dedicated BEV Platform E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform) for India. Hyundai IONIQ 5 will be the company’s first model to feature the dedicated BEV Platform E-GMP in India, becoming the latest BEV from the brand.

About Electric Global Modular Platform

The E-GMP platform comprises of vehicle chassis that includes – a battery, motor and power electric system. The battery system features an advanced battery pack offering high range, while the bi-directional charging plug allows the high-voltage battery to power various electronic appliances. The E-GMP platform also features an Integrated charging control unit (ICCU) that charges both the high-voltage battery as well as auxiliary battery. With a modular DNA, E-GMP is capable of forming the underpinnings of vehicles with different body types, and through the innovative interior packaging, the vehicles will feature a flat floor, slim cockpit and a flexible spacious cabin. E-GMP has been developed on 4 Key Pillars:


  • The architecture of E-GMP and its modular systems will enable the flexible development of multiple vehicles that cater to diverse customer needs.
  • With the modularity of this platform, multiple high-range battery options can be configured by adding or removing standard battery modules.


  • 5-link rear suspension – ride comfort and handling
  • Ultrafast Charging – Up to 80 % in 18 Minutes (with a 350 kW DC charger)
  • Optimal weight distribution


  • Front energy absorption zone – that is built to deform and absorb shocks for passenger safety
  • Energy distribution structure – that features an efficient front energy distribution structure to prevent deformation of the passenger cabin area
  • Battery protective structure – the application of Ultra High-Strength Steel structure around the battery pack offers enhanced safety
  • 8-point battery mounting – has been incorporated to enhance battery safety through a sturdy battery-to-floor connection


  • Short front & rear overhangs resulting in a longer wheelbase
  • Increased cabin space by moving the AC System to the engine bay area
  • Flat floor by removing the centre tunnel resulting in comfortable seating for the middle passenger

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