High-power LED EMC 5050 5W 6V

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Everstar High power LED EMC 5050 5W 6V

Part No: ES-E5050-506V-L2-740

EVERSTAR High power LED EMC 5050 5W 6V 4000K 900-950lm, 0.8A(800mA), CRI 70 – ES-E5050-506V-L2-740

Product Link – https://lumenseshop.com/product/high-power-led-emc-5050-5w-6v/

Specifications: LED EMC 5050 5W 6V

  • Dimensions 5 × 5 × 0.7 mm
  • Package – EMC 5050
  • Rated Power – 5W
  • Voltage – 6V
  • Current – 0.8A(800mA)
  • Flux –   900-950lm
  • CCT – 4000K
  • CRI – 70

Features: EMC High Power Led

  • Small package with high efficiency
  • Low voltage operation, Instant light
  • Long operation life
  • Lead-free product ROHS compliant

Application: High-power LED EMC 5050 5W 6V

  • Traditional lighting replacement
  • Ordinary lighting
  • Indoor & Outdoor sign board backlight
  • Architectural / Decorative Lighting

In recent years, LED technology has transformed the lighting industry, providing significant benefits such as energy efficiency, long-lasting performance, and low maintenance costs. EMC LED is one such innovation that has been revolutionizing the lighting industry. It is a high-power LED that offers a small package size with high efficiency, making it an ideal replacement for traditional lighting systems.

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