Heavy Duty Metal Base Soldering Iron Stand

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Our Circular Soldering Iron Stand is made from high-quality iron. It has long life and efficiency. Our Soldering Iron stands are appreciated by electrical engineers, electronics repairers, students, and hobbyists.

Soldering Iron Stand Helps Prevent Burns

The safest place to keep your soldering iron or hot knife cutting tool when in use. The sponge, when moistened, keeps the iron tip clean and removes excess solder.A quality soldering Gun iron stands with a heavy-duty metal base. This model features a reinforced spring safety holder, which prevents flex from getting entangled with spring. This simple soldering iron stand is composed of a reinforced spring holder. The base and holder are detachable. A circular cleaning sponge, which places at the rear of the base, is included.

This Armsol Soldering iron stand is quite a robust selling product. The quality of this product is very durable in comparison to other soldering iron stands available in the market. The grip of this soldering iron stand is very tenacious; this serves as a strong iron stand withholding soldering irons with heavyweights and wattages.

The base of Armsol soldering iron stand comprises powerful and tough heavy-duty metal and the spring holder is wide and provides plentiful room for the soldering iron to be held in it.

This holder should fit most soldering irons, and it’s a great way to keep our ‘fire-starter’ handy and off your floor.

Features :

  1. Soldering Stand Size: 10 x 6.7 x 1.8. cm (LxWxH)
  2. Weight: 106 gm.
  3. Robust and powerful base to uphold the weight of soldering irons varying from 30w, 35w, 40w, 50w, 60w and 75w
  4. The nickel-plated wide spring holder
  5. The wide spring holder provides plentiful room for holding the soldering iron support.
  6. Suitable for both Professional & DIY Hobbyist
  7. Ideal for all the types Soldering Irons
  8. Heavy-duty metal base.
  9. Good and High quality
  10. All the Soldering Iron Stand has a Long service life


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