GODI receives BIS Certification to sell Li-ion Cells in India • EVreporter

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GODI receives BIS Certification to sell Li-ion Cells in India • EVreporter


Hyderabad-based battery technology company GODI India has received Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification for its 21700 cylindrical NMC811 lithium-ion cells. As per the BIS requirement, the GODI-designed and made-in-India cells were tested and qualified by TUV, the third-party testing agency. GODI India has become the first Indian company to get this certification for lithium-ion cells in India with their homegrown technology.

The company aims to set up its indigenous giga-factory for lithium-ion cell manufacturing in India by 2024. GODI works with 30+ in-house scientists (Ph. Ds) and experienced engineers. Godi’s newly developed lithium-ion cell (4.5Ah capacity) has an energy density of 235 Wh/kg. Apart from safety and higher energy density, GODI’s BIS-certified lithium-ion cell gives seven per cent cost savings to the customers – added the company statement.

Commenting on the milestone, Mahesh Godi, Founder and CEO, GODI India said, “Electric Vehicle penetration in India is expected to become a reality in the near future. As a result, lithium-ion battery-based storage solutions will gain prominence and the localization of tailor-made cells for Indian conditions will play a vital role, in both automotive and energy storage applications (ESS). As a cell technology player, we would like to be part of this exciting journey. The BIS certificate for our 21700 NMC 811 Li-ion cell is a testament to GODI India’s deep know-how and IP and a significant endorsement of our cell technology. GODI India is innovating in every layer of cell technology. For the first time in Indian history, NMC811 21700, 3.65V-4.5Ah cylindrical cells were made-in-India & Made-for-India”. 

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