EV motor controller maker Revoh Innovations raises USD 131,000 as seed fund • EVreporter

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EV motor controller maker Revoh Innovations raises USD 131,000 as seed fund • EVreporter


IIT-Madras-incubated electric vehicles sub-component manufacturing start-up Revoh Innovations has raised a total of 131,000 US Dollars as seed fund from angel investors. Focused on research and development of motor controllers for EV applications, this start-up by a handful of Electronics Engineering graduates was officially incorporated in 2019, though research started earlier in 2017. Their R&D, manufacturing and operations are based out of IIT-M Research Park.

The firm’s primary goal is to localize electric vehicle subcomponents. The start-up is looking forward to setting up a standalone manufacturing unit in SIPCOT, Chennai with the help of received seed funds. The R&D division will continue to function from IIT-M Research Park.

The applications of motor controllers in the EV sector run the gamut with customisable features such as forward/reverse mode, walk-assist, anti-theft system, etc.

About scale and offerings

“Presently, the company is manufacturing BLDC motor controllers for the following specifications: 250/350 Watts, 350 Heavy-Duty/500 Watts, 1.1/1.2 Kilo-Watts, and 1.4/1.5 Kilo-Watts. At present, the start-up can produce 2,000 BLDC motor controllers per month for various applications, specifically EVs. They have also tied up with several Indian motor manufacturers. Revoh has around 25 clients across MNCs and start-ups, and has exported the BLDC controllers to its clients in the UK and Netherlands”, said a company statement.

The start-up claims that its BLDC drive is India’s first BLDC controller to achieve 97% efficiency. Revoh also took part in the Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge and made it to the finals. During the competition, Revoh engineers built an EV motor controller from scratch using an indigenously designed microprocessor.

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