Control Prosthetic Hand Using Bio Signals Of Your Body

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Control Prosthetic Hand Using Bio Signals Of Your Body


Ever wondered of controlling a robot?

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to capture and measure the bio and muscle signals
  • What is an EMG sensor
  • How to add an artificial hand to your body and control it using the muscle signals
  • How to remotely transfer your body signals and control the robots remotely

Who Benefits the Most:

  • DIY tech enthusiasts
  • Bio-medical engineers
  • Researchers working on prosthetic hand design


0:00 : Intro
0:35 : Demo Video
1:40 : Advantages and uses
2:25 : Components
5:13 : Principle of the project
7:42 : Component Explanation
9:10 : Circuit Explanation
10:40 : Coding
12:10 : Connections
17 :06 : Working
24:59 : Resources
26:09 : Q&A


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