BEE develops star rating program for traction Lithium-ion batteries • EVreporter

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BEE develops star rating program for traction Lithium-ion batteries • EVreporter


The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has developed an energy efficiency star rating program for high-energy lithium-ion traction battery packs and systems. The program rates the performance of High-energy Lithium- Ion based Battery packs and systems on parameters like cycle life, specific energy (Wh/kg), and energy efficiency of the battery pack in accordance with IS 12405-4:2018. This Star labelling program is estimated to save 333.7 GWh of energy by the year 2030 through improvement in the energy efficiencies of lithium-ion traction battery packs and systems.

About the program

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was designated as a Central Nodal Agency for implementing the provisions “Charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicle-Guidelines and standards” issued by the Ministry of Power in December 2018. Thereafter BEE was directed by the Ministry of Power to develop and prescribe a Standard & Labelling program for Advance Chemistry Cells and Batteries. Standards and Labelling (S&L) program is a flagship initiative of the Ministry of Power. Under this scheme, energy performance standards are specified for various appliances/ equipment. Based on these energy performance standards, appliances/equipment are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 star is the most efficient one. With the objective of providing optimum performance & quality of the batteries and removing low-quality products, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is launching a star labelling program for batteries.

The BEE labelling program for Traction batteries specifies energy-labelling requirements for high-energy Lithium-Ion batteries and covers battery packs/modules with specific energy up to 350Wh/kg and Cycle life up to 4,000 cycles. The star rating program rates batteries based on specific energy (Wh / kg), life cycle and energy efficiency tested in accordance with ISO 12405-4:2018.

Rating plan / Labeling plan

This program shall rate high-energy battery packs and systems based on specific energy and cycle life of the battery pack/system categorized as per Basic Matrix Group (BMG) as mentioned below:

Source: BEE document
Registration process

The manufacturer must first register their company under the BEE scheme by making a one-time payment of Rs. 25,000/- for MSME and Rs.1,00,000/- for the rest of the manufacturers. This amount is refundable.

1. The application fee for each model is Rs. 2,000/- and fees for renewal/degradation for each model will be Rs.1,000/-.

2. The labelling fee for affixation of labels on each battery pack/system rated from 1 star to 4 stars is INR 50 per kW.h /- shall be charged by BEE.

3. The labelling fees for 5-star rated models would be kept as INR 25 per kW.h/- to promote higher efficiency battery.

4. The label validity period would be effective from the date of launch till 31st December 2022.

Link to the document

The full document about the program, including the testing procedure, can be downloaded here.

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