0.28 inch Seven Segment Display

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0.28 inch seven segment displays are designed for applications requiring low power consumption. They are tested and selected for the excellent low current characteristics to ensure that the segments are matched at low current.

Seven segment displays are used in today’s consumer devices like microwave ovens, air conditioners, and washing machines. They are a simple but effective way to display numerical data like time or quantity. Since they are made out of LEDs, they are a low-cost option for displaying information. They are widely appreciated for their features like accuracy, clarity, and optimum functionality.

Features of 0.28 inch seven segment display:

  • I.C. compatible
  • Low power requirement
  • RoHS compliant
  • Excellent Color and product Uniformity
  • Excellent aesthetic look and Character Appearance
  • Fast Heat Dissipation
  • Easy Mounting on PCB or Sockets
  • Low Current Operation



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